About 🧱

Welcome to Founder Bricks, © since 2022; where we celebrate the art of creation, risk-taking, and pushing the boundaries. Our brand is built on the foundation of the Brick, a representation of street art and our roots. Just like the greats before us, we believe in building brick by brick to create something iconic.

We wanted to create a blank canvas for artists, brands, and creators to express their work through collaboration. Something that could jump off the page and live in 3-dimensional space. Each Founder Brick is extremely unique, made of a premium ABS, Resin, and Vinyl blends, weighing from 5 to 8.8lbs and standing 13.5 to 21 inches tall. And to ensure authenticity, each Brick comes equipped with a DNA Chip that can be authenticated through our Founder Bricks app.

In 2022, we birthed the signature iconic brick 🧱 head with an “❌” patch on one eye which resembles a knockout. This symbolizes the experience that a founder goes through, as well as most people in life. Founders get messy, fail often, break things and learn the hard way. They go through ups and downs – those design traits are what you'll see consistently throughout each unique Founder Brick collectible, yet no two pieces are the same.

Our mission is simple, to: Color the world...brick by brick ✏️🧱🌈